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Train at the Top S.A.S. Boxing Gym in Austin


It’s Intense. It’s Invigorating. It’s Effective.

We teach the (Science Action Sports) SAS Boxing System, which provides structured class material to methodologically grow your skills, whether you’re a beginner or advanced boxer. You’ll learn to outsmart your opponents while developing your reflexes, speed, endurance and focus.  Tap into our coaches’ expertise and vast knowledge in the sport and become the boxer you want to be.

Train where the title fighters train without feeling intimidated. Everyone at South Austin Gym is here to improve their skills and support one another.


  • Hands-on instruction from certified trainers

  • Support to reach your goals

  • Fun outlet that allows you to let go of stress

  • For people of all skill levels

  • Be more athletic and energetic

  • Get more out of your workouts

  • Burn calories while you build muscle


If you’re ready to get serious about getting fit, then SAS boxing is the workout you’ve been looking for. Come by our South Austin boxing gym to find out more or Sign Up for the KICKSTART Introductory Session.



Put More Power Behind Your Punches

Sign Up for SAS Boxing Classes in Austin



Be a Part of the Austin Boxing Community

South Austin Gym is heavily involved in the local boxing community. Professional fighters train at our facility, and we also host events for boxing in Austin. We’re a place where people of all ages can come learn about the sport and enjoy it as a participant or spectator.


What to Expect During Our SAS Boxing Lessons in Austin


Get ready to work – and love every minute of it.


This isn’t a class where you’ll just punch a bag. We’re going to teach you to get in the ring and hold your own. Nothing is more empowering than learning to spar and building your strength. Each class begins with a quick warm-up and line drills (punching gloves with a partner) before moving on to the lesson plan of the day.

Sparring is Optional

If you’re interested in sparring safety is our number one priority. In the ring punches are thrown at half speed and only body shots are allowed. As your training and skills progress you’ll know how to defend yourself and can step in the ring with more experienced sparring partners.


Continue Your Conditioning

Your conditioning can continue at our fitness center. It has everything you need to build our strength and improve cardiovascular endurance. Still need to think about it? We offer very reasonable rates on gym membership. You can continue your regular workouts while you think about taking SAS boxing classes.

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