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Try the Only KICKSTART Program in Austin

Do you want to take boxing or kickboxing classes, but are new to the sport and aren’t sure where to start? Sign up for our Kickstart program!

Feel the Excitement of Stepping into the Ring Without Making a Commitment


Do you want to take boxing or kickboxing classes but aren’t sure where to start? Then try our KICKSTART Program! It’s a great introduction to the world of boxing and kickboxing.

Gym membership specials don’t get better than the KICKSTART Program. You’ll get to try a new, fun form of working out while getting a fitness assessment and personal instruction from specialized trainers – all without making a commitment. It’s the best fitness deal in Austin!


The KICKSTART intro session is designed to give you a feel for the work that goes into kickboxing and boxing as well as the confidence and strength building you get out of it. You’ll also get a look at what it’s like to be a part of the South Austin Gym community.


What You’ll Learn During Your KICKSTART Session


Discover what it’s like to step in the ring with complete confidence. The KICKSTARTER Program is the first step to becoming familiar with the sports of boxing and kickboxing in a low-impact, learning environment.


Our certified trainers will teach you:


  • Hand Wrapping and Equipment Use


  • Proper Stance


  • Movement in the Ring


  • Basic Punches and Using Leverage


  • Organizing Punch Combinations


The KICKSTART Program covers all of the essentials that serve as the foundation for everything else. Our trainers will also do a thorough assessment of your current physical abilities including speed, balance and endurance. Getting this kind of one-on-one training makes the KICKSTART Program one of the best fitness deals online!


You’ll leave feeling more confident in your capabilities and ready to take on the next challenge.



The KICKSTART Program is the Commitment-Free Way to See What It’s Like to Spar


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