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World Kickboxing Center

official leduc lethwei affiliate

Learn the groundbreaking Lethwei system designed by Dave Leduc current open weight Lethwei World Champion and professional mixed martial artist.

​Lethwei or Burmese Bareknuckle Boxing is a full contact combat sport from Myanmar. The use of fists, elbows, knees, and feet but more surprisingly, the head makes it a very unusual martial art. Headbutts are why it is known as "The Art of 9 Limbs."   


In 2016 Dave Leduc became the first non Burmese to ever win the prestigious Lethwei Golden Belt in over a thousand years of history.  In 2017, he pioneered Lethwei in Japan alongside the International Lethwei Federation Japan (ILFJ) and went on to capture the "Lethwei in Japan" Openweight World Title. Dave now competes exclusively in the largest bareknuckle organization in the world, the World Lethwei Championship (WLC) where he won the inaugural Cruiserweight World Title in 2019. 

In 2019 Leduc founded Leduc Lethwei and is working on spreading Lethwei to America.  We are happy to be the first official Leduc Lethwei affiliate in the United States!

Aside from our Lethwei program we also offer traditional kickboxing classes.  Training includes skipping rope, conditioning drills, body weight exercises, shadow boxing, offensive and defensive techniques, pad work and/or heavy bag work, as well as core strengthening.  All skill and fitness levels are welcome. 

Sparring is Optional

Sparring is an important part of learning the art of kickboxing, but we never force participants to spar if they don’t feel comfortable with it. But we do encourage you to give it a try as soon as you’re ready.


Safety is our top priority, which is why we teach you to throw punches and kicks at half speed. All hits during sparring matches also have to be body shots. You’ll be partnered with someone on your skill level to keep things safe and fun. As your training and skills progress you’ll know how to defend yourself and can step in the ring with more experienced sparring partners. Ask your coach about more information on scheduling these!


Continue Your Conditioning

In between your kickboxing classes you can work on conditioning in our fitness center. We provide everything you need to stay strong and improve your endurance. Still need to think about it? We offer very reasonable rates on gym membership. You can continue your regular workouts while you think about trying our program for kickboxing in Austin, TX.


Ready to get started and see what Lethwei Kickboxing is all about?

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