Want to give your kids an outlet to burn off their energy and get a physical activity that helps them live healthier, stay mentally sharp and sleep better? Sign them up for our Kids Program!

kids class

$59 trial period= 1 Private KICKSTART Session + 1 week free!


What You’ll Learn During Your KICKSTART Session:


The KICKSTART Program is the first step to becoming familiar with the sports of boxing and kickboxing in a low-impact, learning environment.


Our certified trainers will teach you:


  • Hand Wrapping and Equipment Use


  • Proper Stance


  • Movement in the Ring


  • Basic Punches and Using Leverage


  • Organizing Punch Combinations


The KICKSTART Program covers all of the essentials that serve as the foundation for everything else. Our trainers will also do a thorough assessment of your current physical abilities including speed, balance and endurance. Getting this kind of one-on-one training makes the KICKSTART Program one of the best fitness deals online!


You’ll leave feeling more confident in your capabilities and ready to take on the next challenge.